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Build Nationwide SD-WAN for Global Retailer
SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network), optimizes a customer’s WAN connections to more efficiently and cost effectively run voice, data, video, Internet and Cloud applications through the network. With SD-WAN, users can save money, eliminate bandwidth constraints, mitigate down-time and provide better access to Cloud applications from every location in their network.
We know that security and compliance go hand-in-hand, yet many organizations find it hard to deploy, maintain, and protect their technology. Regulatory compliance isn’t always easy to understand, but we work with you to help maintain adherence to applicable standards, codes, regulations, and laws. In the event of a willful or accidental data breach, lawsuits from affected parties, or steep government fines, non-compliance can cost your organization everything.

Strategic Technology Planning and Deployment
We offer a breadth and depth of IT network consulting expertise that will ensure your IT plan is implemented correctly the first time and all the time. Marino & Associates Consulting Services consists of a comprehensive network assessment to take stock of your inventory and current environment and provide a smart, cost-effective IT systems recommendation based on your specific objectives.
M&A Consultants Network
Our network is a flexible model that allows us to approach each project differently, depending on a variety of circumstances. In many cases, we will take the lead on a project and seek consultants to join our team as subcontractors. In that case, we pay you directly as an independent contractor, based on a fee that you work out directly with SSC. We maintain control over the project and you report to us for the project duration.
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